Balmoral Border Collies

California Border Collie owner of titled dogs and breeder of quality border collie puppies

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Info about Tina Neel and Balmoral Border Collies

  Balmoral Border Collies, formely Red Hot Border Collies, is run by Tina Neel, who maintains a mixture of working and conformation lines.  While Tina's first love has always been reds (chocolates), her kennel produces a rainbow of colors.  She is proud of the wonderful health and temperament of her dogs; which she attributes, not only to her breeding program; but also to the many activites she provides to channel their energy.

    Balmoral Border Collies are members of the family.  They are not raised in a kennel environment; but from day one, they are in the house learning how to be house dogs and pets.  Tina has spent many years working with and training dogs.  She enjoys spending time learning different and better ways to work with them.
    Tina's introduction to dog training was at the age of twelve when she began raising Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Since then her life has revolved around dogs.  She worked for a kennel for over three years prior to starting college; she then became a dog groomer.  When Tina was 22 she got her first border collie and realized she loved this breed and its ability to excel in so many activities.  This has opened Tina's world to all sorts of new and exciting things, including competition in Conformation, Rally, Obedience, and Flyball, as well as learning agility, dock diving and herding. 





Info about the Border Collie breed

    Border Collies are generally very active dogs, which need a job to do.  They can easily get bored if you do not keep them physically and mentally stimulated.  If  you are not willing to give them a job, they are more than willing to find one on their own; but chances are you will not be happy with what they decide to do, and they will become your worst nightmare.  At Balmoral Border Collies the dogs are kept very active in Obedience, Rally, Flyball, Conformation and herding; no one is left without a job.  Because Border Collies are not couch potatoes, Tina keeps all of her dogs mentally and physically stimulated.  She realizes that just because one dog like an activity doesn't mean they will all enjoy the same activity.  Tina enjoys the challenge of determining eash individual's personality and what they enjoy doing.